Welcome Packet

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Thank you for enrolling in the Basic RiderCourse (BRC). We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of rider education in a safe, positive environment. Please take a moment to review the following information, which will help you to prepare for the course.

How to Succeed in the Basic RiderCourse:

Be on time

The RiderCoaches need to get class started on time. We suggest you plan to arrive one half-hour early. Please note that directions to class are included in the confirmation email and available online here. We highly recommend that you print them out and use them to find your way.

If you are late, you will be DROPPED from the class

Required ClothingBe properly dressed for the riding sessions

The required clothing and footwear are:

Bring your own DOT-compliant helmet, eye protection, and full-fingered gloves.

If you aren’t dressed properly, you’ll be DROPPED from the class

Bring required documents and, if under age 18, a parent or legal guardian

LicenseTo begin the class, you must bring the following:

If you are under eighteen years old, you will also need a parent or legal guardian present to sign your waiver form. Once they do that, they are free to leave, and you'll be good to go!

Rest, Food, and Water

FoodMake sure you've had adequate rest and food before class. You will have a lunch break and there are several restaurants nearby, but we suggest you bring water, sports drinks and snacks based upon your needs.

Understanding Expectations

If you come prepared, we'll make every effort to guide you successfully through the BRC. However, please understand that not every student successfully completes the course. If you are unable to meet the objectives of an exercise or if you pose a safety risk to yourself or others, a RiderCoach may counsel you out of the course. If at any time, you feel that riding a motorcycle is not for you, talk to a RiderCoach and let them know your decision not to continue.

There is NO GUARANTEE that you will pass the course

Cancellation / Reschedule Policy

(As listed in the Terms & Conditions)

Adirondacks and Beyond Motorcycle Safety, LLC must receive cancellation/rescheduling requests prior to seven (7) calendar days before the start of the scheduled class. You can only reschedule a class for the current season only.

All cancellation requests made prior to seven calendar days before the start of the scheduled class will incur a $50 processing fee. If I cancel or reschedule within the seven-day period prior to the scheduled class, I, the student, will forfeit $100.00 of the tuition paid. I understand that I will not receive ANY refund if I withdraw from the class within 72 hours of the start of the class. A refund will be made in the form of a check minus the processing fee. All refunds will be processed within five business days.

Rescheduling of a class date may only be possible for students who call Adirondacks and Beyond, LLC seven days or more before their scheduled class date. You can only reschedule a class date during the current season only. Rescheduling will be done on a space-available basis. We make no guarantee that you will be able to reschedule to the specific date you request. There is a $10 non- refundable administrative fee to reschedule if your request is granted. Please do not call Adirondacks and Beyond, LLC if your scheduled class date is less than seven days away. If you cannot and do not attend your scheduled class you forfeit your registration and your registration fee.

To request a reschedule seven days or more prior to your scheduled date call Adirondacks and Beyond Motorcycle Safety, LLC at: (518) 668-5589.

Passing The BRC

Riding Skills Evaluation
There are two parts to the evaluation. You may accumulate no more than 10 points on Part A and no more than 15 points for Part A plus Part B to pass the Riding Skills Evaluation. Students who do not pass the Riding Skills Evaluation will be given one more opportunity to take the test again. Rescheduling the riding skills evaluation is at the discretion of the Site Coordinator. Only two opportunities are given to pass the Riding Skills Evaluation.

Successful Completion

Upon successful completion of the BRC you will receive a Completion Card at the end of your class. This waiver should be taken to a DMV, along with your Driver’s License and NYS Motorcycle Permit, where it will be treated as proof of successful completion of a Class M Licensing Skills test.

Failing the BRC

Not everyone passes the Riding Skills Evaluation on their first try. Any individual who fails the Riding Skills Evaluation will be given the opportunity to retake the entire evaluation on a Sunday by calling two days in advance to see, if possible, to schedule a retest. Your RiderCoach will provide you with instructions for returning to retest.

Being Counseled-Out

Learning to safely operate a motorcycle is both mentally and physically demanding. It requires a great deal of coordination and control of hands, feet, body, and mind. Not everyone develops these skills at the same pace, and some individuals may find it impossible to reach an adequate level of skill within our allotted time. Your RiderCoach wants to see you succeed, but if they feel you have become a danger to yourself, or others, or your haven’t met the objectives of an exercise, you will be counseled-out.

Ride a Bicycle

If you aren’t already riding a motorcycle, and you haven’t been on a bicycle in years, we suggest you dust off your old bicycle and take some rides around your neighborhood before you take the BRC. It will help you to get ready for the course.

Remember to print out the map and directions, and also review your schedule included in the e-mail.

We look forward to meeting you!


(Please check off all items and bring list with you to first day)

You should dress for riding, and keep the weather in mind. You will need:

  1. Please bring your Driver’s License with you to class. (A parent if you are under 18
    years old)
  2. MSF eCourse Completion Certificate
  3. Boots: Sturdy and Over the Ankle. (Steel-toe boots not recommended)
  5. Long-Sleeved Shirt or Jacket
  6. Full-fingered Gloves
  7. DOT approved helmet
  8. Eye protection (sunglasses or eyeglasses are fine)
  9. Water, Sports Drinks (enough for the day and more than you think if the weather is
  10. Snacks
  11. Map and Directions
  12. Rain Gear (optional, classes go on, rain or shine)