Advanced Rider Course (ARC) Cost: $175.00

Truly, a course for the experienced rider, the ARC introduces advanced riding techniques including the effects of weight placement and trail braking when cornering. Before enrolling, students should be well versed in the basic skills of cornering and swerving, and have good throttle control and braking skills.

The outdoor classroom component explores personal risk tolerance, cornering lines, and the effects changing the combined center of gravity has on cornering.

Riders that adopt the techniques explored in this class are able to corner with less effort and have increased ground clearance. (Especially important to “Cruiser” style bikes). Left / right corner transitions become light and easy. Better cornering lines makes riding easier and safer.

ARC techniques and skills are applicable to all types of motorcycles.


(Q) What skills should I have before enrolling in this class?

(A) You should be comfortable on public streets and highways and able to proficiently corner, swerve, and brake.

(Q) Are prior training classes a prerequisite to taking this class?

(A) No. You must be a licensed motorcyclist. Keep in mind this is an “advanced” class, and if you have never had professional instruction, you may want to consider the BRC II  Skills Practice course as a steppingstone to the ARC.

(Q) What is the minimum age to enroll?

(A) 18 yrs old. Phone 518 668 5589 for details.

(Q) Do I use my own bike?

(A) Yes.

(Q) Are there any bike restrictions?

(A) Any bike that is “road legal” is permitted.

(Q) Is this class for sport bikes and racetrack wannabes?

(A) It could be. However, any rider can/will benefit from the advanced techniques explored in this class, especially cruisers and touring bikes.

(Q) What is the focus of this class?

(A) Recognizing and controlling personal risk factors and developing advanced riding techniques, all aimed at making your riding more enjoyable, proficient, and safe.

(Q) How much riding time is in this class?

(A) Three hours classroom time, conducted on the range in between exercises and 5-6 hours on the range. There is a one-hour lunch break.

(Q) Does this class qualify for insurance premium discounts?

(A) Contact your insurance company. Some do give insurance discounts.

(Q) What kind of riding/safety gear do I need to bring?

(A) At a minimum, Long sleeve shirt or jacket, long pants/jeans, boots that cover your ankle, full-fingered gloves, DOT approved helmet, eye protection.   Motorcycle riding jacket and pants are preferable but not mandatory.

(Q) Are private club/group classes available?

(A) Yes, phone 518 668 5589 to discuss details.