Basic RiderCourse II Skills Practice (BRC II Skills Practice) $150


This is NOT the course to obtain your motorcycle license.
If you have never taken a formal riding class, this is a great place to start or if you have graduated from the BRC 1 for license, this is your next step in rider education. The class is a one-day program concentrating on cornering, swerving, quick stops, and U turns.  There are no classroom or test components.
This class may be booked by clubs as a private class. For info, call 518-668-5589.


BASIC RIDER COURSE II -Skills Practice (BRC II Skills Practice)

(Q) What skills should I have before enrolling in this class?

(A) You should be comfortable riding on public roads. You should have basic control over the throttle, brakes, and clutch. You should be able to stop, swerve, and corner with control. Not sure…Phone 518 668 5589 to discuss.

(Q) How long is this class?

(A) One day. 8AM-5PM

(Q) What type of bike is OK to bring to class?

(A) Basically any street legal, registered, inspected, and insured motorcycle. If in doubt, call 518 668 5589 to discuss.

(Q) What safety /riding gear do I have to wear?

(A) At a minimum, you must wear a long sleeve shirt or jacket, Long pants/jeans, boots that cover your ankle, full-fingered gloves, DOT approved helmet, and eye protection (full faceshield, goggles, or safety glasses).

(Q) What license documents do I need?

(A) Motorcycle license, registration, inspection, and insurance card for the motorcycle you are using.

(Q) Are there any tests involved with this class?

(A) No.

(Q) Does this class qualify for insurance premium reductions?

(A) Check with your insurance company. Some do recognize the class.

(Q) How much riding time is this class?

(A) This varies depending on the needs of the class. The range exercises generally take 5-6 hours to complete.

(Q) Is there a lunch break?

(A) Yes, around noon for about an hour.

(Q) What if it rains?

(A) We ride, rain or shine. Bring rain gear if it looks like it might rain.

(Q) My club is looking to take a class. Would this be a good choice?

(A) Yes! Call 518 668 5589 for details.