Motorcycle Rider Training

Adirondacks & Beyond Motorcycle Safety, LLC, has been training motorcyclists at SUNY Adirondack since 2003 and at SUNY Canton since 2004. Our mission is to give our clients/students everything the MSF program and our staff have to offer while keeping all as safe as possible, and to provide a FUN experience at the same time. Our experienced staff of 26 RiderCoaches has introduced thousands of new and experienced riders to a broad array of MSF programs. If you have any questions about any of our programs, please contact us at 518-668-5589.


The Basic RiderCourse (BRC I) is the core class of our program. This is where thousands and thousands of entry-level students (no previous experience) have learned the mental and physical basics of motorcycle riding, and in the process, earned their NYS Class “M” license endorsement.


If you have never taken a formal riding class, this is a great place to start. Or if you have graduated from the BRC 1 for license, this is your next step in rider education. The class is a one-day program concentrating on cornering, swerving, quick stops, and U turns.


Truly a course for the experienced rider, the ARC introduces advanced riding techniques including the effects of weight placement and trail braking when cornering. Before enrolling, students should be well versed in the basic skills of cornering and swerving, and have good throttle control and braking skills.


A two-hour, first-touch experience with a motorcycle and not designed to teach a person to ride. The student learns the basic controls of the motorcycle, start up and stopping procedure, and basic clutch control. This course is often, but not necessarily, a steppingstone to the Basic Rider Course (BRC).

Registration for 2015 is Open!

Our 2015 schedule and registration are now online.  Click the “register now” buttons on any class page to go to our online registration and class calendar.

10 Dec, 2014 Margie