Motorcycle Class: Basic RiderCourse I (BRC I)

Motorcycle Class

 Basic RiderCourse I for License Waiver (BRC 1) $310



The BRC I motorcycle class is the core class of our program. This is where thousands of entry-level students (little or no previous experience) have learned the mental and physical basics of motorcycle riding, and in the process, earned their NYS Class “M” license endorsement.   Also, if you are a returning rider who hasn’t ridden in many years, this is the class for you. This course includes an online E-Course, plus classroom and riding components.

  • Successful completion earns NYS Motorcycle Road Test Waiver (MSF BRC Completion Card).
  • NYS Residents MUST have a valid NYS Driver’s License or valid Motorcycle License. This MUST be shown to RiderCoaches at the beginning of class to participate.
  • Non-NYS residents need a driver’s license to take the class. Check with your home state DMV for Completion Card acceptance.
  • Motorcycles supplied. Helmets and glove are NOT available during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Students need to be able to ride a bicycle).
  • Completion of Online E Course (approx 3 hrs) prior to class start. (Cost of Online E-Course is included in tuition.)
  • Classes Available at SUNY Adirondack, Queensbury, NY and SUNY Canton, Canton, NY.
  • Students under the age of 18 must have parent or guardian accompany them to the evening session to sign legal waiver. If this is not possible, call 518 668 5589 to make other arrangements. Call for more information regarding Junior Licensing.

There is no guarantee that all students will be successful in the completion of the BRC I class. However, all of our instructors are highly trained, extremely patient, and have your best interest in mind at all times. They will do everything they can to help you be successful.

Bottom Line: We provide a low risk environment for students to explore the skills necessary to ride a motorcycle. Oh yes, we also do our very best to make it FUN!!


(Q) How old do I need to be to take the class?

(A) 16 years old. Students under 18 years old will have junior restrictions on their motorcycle license and their parents must sign a waiver to participate. Phone 668-5589 for details.

(Q) Do I get my license by taking this class?

(A) Successful completion of the BRC 1 earns you a Course Completion Card that is the road test waiver. This waiver, combined with your NYS Drivers License and your NYS “M” permit, presented to the DMV will result in your motorcycle (M) endorsement on your license.

(Q) How many days are involved in this class?

(A) Typically, there is a three hour evening session followed by two full day sessions.  Included in the tuition is an online e-course.  It must be completed LESS THAN thirty days before class start date. The E-course takes 3+ hours to complete.

(Q) What if I don’t have a computer?

(A) You can still take this course, but you’ll have to make arrangements to cover the material presented in the E-Course. You MUST contact us 10 days prior to class if you do not have access to a computer.

(Q) Do I need a motorcycle learner’s permit to take the class?

(A) No, but you will need a motorcycle learner’s permit to use your Completion Card as a “road test waiver” at the DMV.

(Q) Do I need any skills to take this class?

(A) Yes, you must be able to ride a bicycle. You are involved in physical activity for both range days. If you have concerns as to your ability to physically keep pace with a class, please call us at 518 668 5589.

(Q) I have never ridden before. Is this the right class?

(A) For most students, yes. The range portion begins with hands-on learning the location and function of all of the controls, proper mounting and dismounting techniques, proper start up and shut down procedures.

(Q) What gear do I need to take the class?

(A) For the two riding days, at a minimum, you must wear long jeans, a long sleeved shirt or jacket, full-fingered gloves, eye protection, and boots that cover your ankles. We cannot lend you gloves, helmet, or eye protection during the COVID-19 pandemic.  You won’t need your gear for the first evening session.

(Q) Do I need a buy any books?

(A) We will supply a handbook to you.

(Q) Do I need my own bike?

(A) We supply the motorcycles and have a great selection of different types and sizes.

(Q) I am very short; do you have a bike for me?

(A) Yes, in almost all cases, we have a proper bike. If you are VERY short, phone 518 668 5589 to discuss.

(Q) Can I use my own bike?

(A) Students can bring their own bikes—however, it must meet two of the following conditions:

  • Engine displacement of 500 cc or less
  • Dry weight not to exceed 440 lbs.
  • A seat height of 30” or less

If you plan on bringing your own bike, please call 518 668 5589.

(Q) Can I use my motor scooter?

(A) Yes, call 518 668 5589 for specifics.

(Q) Does the BRC I qualify for insurance discounts?

(A) Check with your insurance company. Many do give discounts.

(Q) What if it rains?

(A) We ride rain or shine. Bring a rain suit. We have some to lend.

(Q) How many students are in a class?

(A) Class sizes range from 6-12 students.

(Q) What if I do not pass the riding or written tests?

(A) You get two opportunities to successfully complete both tests. The re-tests do not need to be on the same day as the original test.

(Q) I have some physical limitations. Can I take the class?

(A) Phone 518 668 5589 to discuss.